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OurRxTM Consulting assists pharmacies in managing effectively, investing smartly in, and flawlessly applying our innovative solutions for a more successful pharmacy business.

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Management Management

We help you manage your pharmacy operations.

At OurRxTM, we strongly believe that a robust system developed by a smart and effective management team is the defining step to success. Proper management is key to the success of any business, even pharmacies.

Pharmacy Operations Management

Pharmacy Staffing (Licensed Pharmacists & Pharmacy Technicians licensed in numerous states)

Pharmacy Claims adjudication & reconciliation

Investments Investments

We help you buy, sell or invest in your pharmacy business.

Investing in your business seems obvious, but how, when and where you invest your money is the important question.





Innovations Innovations

We invest in ourselves. We invest in innovative solutions to facilitate your operations and/or investments.

Let our technology serve you and your business.

Software as a service (SaaS)

Applications (web & app-based)

Platforms & tools

Our equation

It’s simple. Effective management, smart investments and being twenty-first century innovative
is our formula.

Management + Investments + Innovation = MI2

MI2 = Success

It’s a mathematical certainty.
The only variable is you.

Client of the year

We loved working with The Square Pharmacy in 2019-2020. They have been terrific.
We are very excited for their launch (Stay tuned).They have a great location and great plans.

The Square Pharmacy

Jersey City, NJ

“From day one, the team at OurRx has been very instrumental in getting our Pharmacy established. The team has stayed one step ahead of us at all times. Driving the next step even before we ask! The complexity of the startup of a pharmacy was clearly simplified and made easy to follow. From the starting point, to establish the entity through various bodies, to the design of our logo and website, to negotiating with vendors on our behalf, it just really never stopped. We feel truly blessed to work with a team like OurRx that carries us forward and we should also say they take pride in getting your business started. What a company! “

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We offer complete consultancy for your Pharmacy.
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